Heart of Service Award Nominations – Opening Soon

 Nomination GuidelinesCCAV-64004-finalNominees must work in a legally-operating, state regulated child care center or home.

This includes Licensed, Religious Exempt, Voluntarily Registered, Locally-Permitted, Recreational/Instructional Exempt.  (Child Care Homes must be state licensed if they currently care for more than 5 children. This law changes July 1, 2016 to 4 children!)

Your nominee may not be a staff member of any Child Care Aware agency. Child Care Aware personnel are not eligible to participate in nominations or voting.

Child Care Aware of Virginia neither endorses nor recommends any nominated or winning individual or facility.

Lifetime Achievement (This category is for both Center and Home based care; there will only be one winner): Longevity and overall excellence in the field, with 20+ years’ service, and a demonstrated commitment to a career of caring for children.

*Winner will receive the Sharon R. Veatch Lifetime Achievement Award, in honor of Child Care Aware of Virginia’s recently-retired Executive Director, who envisioned and created the CCAV Awards, and who dedicated her entire career to the education, health, safety and well-being of children.