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iStock_000021266233SmallRead~A~Book is a distance learning self-study program that allows early childhood professionals to earn training clock hours by reading children’s literature and books on early childhood education and child development. The Virginia Department of Social Services’ Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Development has collaborated with the Library of Virginia to place sets of books in each of the 350 public libraries across Virginia. This initial phase of the Read~A~Book Program focuses on the importance of incorporating children’s literature across the curriculum, reading to and with young children daily, understanding early brain development, fostering language and literacy development, and communicating successfully with young children.

The program currently offers two book report options for obtaining clock hours of training credit. You are encouraged to choose one or both. Participants are eligible to receive clock hours of training credit for each new book read and book report submitted to Child Care Aware of Virginia for grading.  All book report materials are free, however, there is $20.00 processing fee for grading. The fee needs to accompany the materials when they are submitted for grading, not in advance.

For additional information contact Jodi Roberts (804) 285-0846 or

Payment Options
Option 1: Pay through PayPal
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Option 2: Pay by Mail

Mail a money order or cashier’s check, payable to CCA-VA, to:
CCA-VA – Read A Book Program
804 Moorefield Park Dr., Ste. 101
Richmond, VA 23236

RAB Program Materials

RAB Worksheets

Option 2 A Childs Work-The Importance of Fantasy Play

Option 2 A Good Start in Life

Option 2 Beyond Baby Talk

Option 2 How to Talk So Kids Can Learn

Option 2 Positive Discipline

Option 2 Reading Magic

Option 2 Starting Out Right

Option 2 Start Smart