Virginia Shared Services Network


Shared Services Flyer

The Virginia Shared Services Network is an easy-to-use website offering many tools and services to help child care centers, family child care homes and after school programs manage their programs more cost-effectively and efficiently. The website features exclusive discounts on items from office supplies to toys to food and beverage products. The site also contains resources related to program administration, human resources, marketing, a library of early childhood reference materials, licensing regulations and classroom resources.

We call it “child care in a box” because it contains so many resources you can download and customize for your program needs. For example, the site includes sample policies, procedures, handbooks (for parents and employees), forms, job descriptions, and much more!

Our Goal: To provide support to child care centers and family child care providers to help strengthen the quality of care for all children.

Child Care Aware of Virginia chose this innovative approach because it offers a one-stop shop for child care providers to access group discounts for common services and products that individual programs alone could not access.

Our Plan: Child Care Aware of Virginia is looking for programs to participate in the pilot phase of this project. Access to the Virginia Shared Services Network will be FREE from November 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015, during which we will evaluate its effectiveness and seek comment on ways to improve the website and implement it statewide.

Get started today: Go to and fill out the online form to request access. Then we will email your username and password. For questions, contact Jodi Roberts or Grace Reef at

Save time, save money, and improve quality with these exclusive discounts!

Child Care Products & Classroom Supplies

  • Using Discount School Supply, child care programs and family child care providers save 20% every day.
  • Through a special negotiation made on behalf of providers, Staples Advantage offers gloves at an exclusive rate of $3.79 per box, saving providers hundreds of dollars per year on this essential product.

Payroll Processing

  • Using ADP Payroll and HR Services program, several family/home-based child care providers with only one (1) employee are saving $600/year on payroll and tax reporting.
  • A business with 35 employees using ADP Payroll Processing saves $1,200/year using our discounted programs.
  • Several family/home-based child care providers with only one employee save $900/year on worker’s compensation insurance and $600/year on payroll and tax reporting.

Facility & Operations Products

  • A business with a 10,000+ sq. ft. facility and one acre of grounds spent an average of $720/month on industrial supplies, tools, and safety equipment. They saved $1,426 last year with our program.
  • A multi-site program saved approximately $1,700 in six months just by purchasing their cleaning and safety products through the Grainger program.

Office Supplies

  • A business spending $9,000 a year on office supplies, restroom and kitchen paper supplies, ink and toner is saving 13% or $1,233/year, through our office supplies program.
  • Average savings through the Staples Advantage program is 17%.
  • A typical basket of good purchased by child care providers showed a 25% savings using the business purchasing site thru the platform versus the consumer on-line site.

Food & Beverage

  • A child care program serving 200+ children with an annual food and beverage budget of $100,000 realized a savings of $26,000/year, or just about 25%; enabling them to buy more fresh food and healthier items.
  • A child care facility serving 170+ children with an annual food and beverage budget of just under $85,000 was able to save $24,000/year, or about 25% of their budget.
  • A child care center with a budget of $8,000 to serve 120 children was able to save 17%, or $1,360/year.

Wireless Services

  • A business with 15 employees spends on average $795 per month for wireless services. With our programs, this business is saving $140/month or $1,680/year.