Magic of Everyday Moments

ZERO TO THREE has published a new series of free videos which explore key aspects of early childhood development. The videos show how adult interactions shape the growth and learning of infants and toddlers.

Series 1 Titles

  • Brain Wonders        Nurturing healthy brain development from birth.
  • Literacy Skills         The roots of reading start at birth.
  • Power of Play          Building skills while having fun.
  • Temperament          What makes your child tick?                 


Series 2 Titles


Series 3 Titles

  • From Cries to Conversations               The development of communication skills from birth to 3.
  • Driven to Discover                                  How thinking skills develop through everyday play and exploration.
  • From Feelings to Friendships              Nurturing healthy social-emotional development in the early years.
  • Busy Bodies                                             How the development of physical skills supports learning.