Call 1-866-KIDS-TLC for a list of child care providers in your area!

Child Care Aware of Virginia assists families in finding child care throughout Virginia. We support families in many ways:

  • Parents get referrals to child care providers in their area.
  • Families talk to experts who help them decide what type of child care is best for their child.
  • Families learn what quality child care means and how to find it.
  • Families are taught about child development, learning to understand how children act and grow.
  • Families talk with experts about parenting issues.
  • Families learn to educate themselves and advocate for (support) children’s issues and public policies at a local, state and national level.

Child Care Aware of Virginia understands the importance of quality early childhood experiences and provides resources to help families educate themselves so they can support their children’s special needs.