Virginia Child Care Mapping Project

asset-1412713251375Child Care Aware of Virginia’s child care mapping project is designed to enable viewers to see the various types of child care programs throughout Virginia. Overlayed with child poverty data (varying shades of red with red shading darkening as poverty levels increase), it is clear that some high poverty areas have few licensed (or quality rated) child care programs for families. Each of the maps can be viewed from a statewide perspective or viewers can zoom in to see counties, communities, or neighborhoods. A legend within each  map denotes the type of child care (e.g., licensed or registered homes, licensed centers, license-exempt care, etc.).

The maps below can be viewed and are interactive (i.e., users can check or uncheck variables they would like to see in the map). Data reflects operating status as of November 2017.

Mapping Quick Tips:

  • Click on the map to link to a categorical map that shows programs
  • Zoom in to see counties, communities or neighborhoods
  • Use the legend (checkboxes) to check or uncheck various categories
  • County poverty levels are reflected with various shades of red (the darkest indicating highest poverty)
  • Map loading time may take a few seconds so be patient!

All Child Care Programs…Click here all child care programs in Virginia.

Child Care Centers…Click here to see licensed child care centers and religious license-exempt centers in Virginia.

 License-Exempt Child Care Programs…Click here to see license-exempt child care programs in Virginia.

 Family Child Care Homes

  • Click here to see licensed and voluntary registered family child care homes in Virginia.

Northern Virginia Local Permits for Child Care Homes

  • Click here to see home-based providers caring for 4 or fewer children under a local permit in northern Virginia.

School-Aged Child Care Programs…Click here to see school-age child care programs in Virginia.

Head Start and Early Head Start…Click here to see Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Virginia.